Past Horses

Montage (Monte)

Clydesdale Gelding

Height: 16.2 HH

Color: Bay

As a young gelding, Monte suffered from cancer and had to have his right eye removed. However, this did not stop him from becoming an amazing vaulting horse and supporting the team for many years. He is now enjoying his retirement and the love and attention he still recieves from the team.


Belgian Gelding

Height: 18.2 HH

Color: Strawberry Roan

Tank supported Tambourine Vaulters many years by carrying vaulters just learning how to canter all the way up to gold level vaulters ready to compete internationally. Tank only had two vices, he refused to canter to the right and he was afraid of small children and baby strollers. He was afraid that he would hurt the small kids.

Diamond Rio (Rio)

Hanoverian Gelding

Height: 17.2 HH

Color: Bay

Rio, often called Goober, was a compulsories horse for the canter vaulters of Tambourine. He lunged in both directions and was often found playing with various objects to keep himself entertained while waiting for his go in the competition arena. One of his favorite toys was the simple plastic water bottle.


Dutch Warm Blood Gelding

Height: 16.3 HH

Color: Grey

Gunther always had a funy smile on his face and spent many years of his retirement in the big sky counrty of Montana.


Clydesdale Mare

Height: 16.2 HH

Color: Bay

Ruby was a caring horse that loved and carried her trot vaulters with pride. Her beautiful bright blue eyes and gentle demeanor were passed down to her daughter Jewel who is currently in training to be able to fill her mother's horseshoes.


Belgian Mare

Height: 17.2 HH

Color: Chestnut

Maude was quite the lady with an opinion and was possessive of the space around her ears. She took great care of her vaulters and was steady and reliable for all three gaits. She was very much loved by her vaulters. She spent the end of her career working at Liberty Vaulters helping vaulters with special needs.
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