Horses in Training


Clydesdale/Quarter Horse Mare

Height: 15 HH

Color: Tricolor Paint

Jewel is a sensitive lady that hates to get her feet dirty, literally. She is currently working to carry vaulters at both trot and canter levels. She was born at Tambourine Farm and her mother, Ruby, was a vaulting horse for many years.

Scottie is learing all about being a vaulting horse and developing trusting relationships. He is on the road to being a wonderful addition to our program



Delaney is quite the lady she is a spotted draft cross with a fantastic work ethic. She is also taking on the lead mare role of the property and takes very seriously her position of authority. Come morning she is right at the house to announce breakfast time and through out the day she keeps watch of all who come as go. She is also ready to move into the next level up and take out team onto great things and create wonderful memories for all.


Draft cross gelding

Gus is a special sensitive guy who gives his whole heart everyday and always puts forth his best effort. Gus has been to a few competitions and will hopefully do more through out the years. He continues to work on his strength and edurance and is making great progress. We are excited to see what the future will hold for him.

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